Separate worlds
1 month ago
United States

Is it possible we could get seperate world's

United States

What do you mean? Like create IL's for all levels?

United States

IL levels for each world is what I mean you can warp to each world so it would not be hard to do it

South Carolina, USA

We once had individual levels on the leaderboards, but they were timed using IGT and it just didn't work. I don't think individual worlds would be much better unfortunately, even if more appropriate timing conventions were used. Unless there's substantial interest in such an idea, we have no intention on adding individual worlds to the leaderboards.

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11x Categories - New Timing Method

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to announce a new change to timing methods for both 11x categories. The new timing standards are as follows:

  • Timing starts from power-on/reset (or game select if you're using one of the combo cartridges).
  • Timing ends on grabbing the axe on the 11th run.
  • Time betw
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