glitchless 5:02 is possible?

is possibple in glitchless det 5:02?

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Yes, but it would be pretty crazy. Considering how fast 8-4 already is in a Glitchless run, saving the Glitcheless TAS framerule in 4-2 might be the only way runners are going to get 5:02. That framerule has only been saved by one person so far (LeKukie), and it was only saved by a frame. A faster 8-4 is always possible, but saving enough time in 8-4 for a 5:02 would be a monumental task. 5:02 is definitely possible, but pretty unrealistic right now.

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Basically, the only human theory is fast accels in 8-4, but I don't think many people would want to go for it right now

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