How to complete a Tas tie8-4
1 year ago

I know that LeKukie and niftski got themselves a tas tie 8-4,but i'v tried a lot of ways trying to get a dfa but failed can any body tell me how to do it?

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Saarland, Germany

you need to do 8-b first room then do ffa in walljump room you know get 8-d walljump then tas accel at start of turnaround room then to do dfa you do rla and perfect turnaround you know get frame 63, then play perfect water (easiest part by far) and then do ffa in last room and get 8+c +2 aka tas tie

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what are the inputs for 8-B

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California, USA

L,R+A for the first accel (not L,,R+A) and R,,R,L,R for the ffa. R,_,R,R,L,R works too.

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but when I tried to practice it using the slow motion, I just kept slowing down instead of completing a dfa

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