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Is this discord still a thing? I tried using the link, but it didn't actually take me anywhere.


@SomeSchmuck @tokonata It might be a link, but he didn't send an invite, he sent the link to a channel lol. Also i doubt the discord exists.


@everyone I'll make a discord and make a new thread with the invite link when I get home tonight. Lmk if you want anything in particular added


It needs to be a link to an invite. So the people can see what's going on in the channel. Of course you can't see a channel if you're not a member of it and no duh that you're not a member without accepting an invite. So make a never expiring invite, copy the link, and post it here.


@Mars02 I meant asking him if he has the link, but I can make a SMB Crossover Discord server and add the mods to it.


Ok, I made a link that actually works, this is a new discord, and I hope everyone joins, thank you.