Michigan, USA

not really a whole lot to it, the most fun category extensions lend themselves well to unique routing, where as this would just be lblj into ccm and that's about it. All signs is such a popular one because it involves tons of routing challenges no other category has to deal with

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Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Did a run of this on pj64 1.6, for the swankybox meme, ended with 1:41 for now even though there are faster ways to kill the penguin baby. I just did it the same way swanky did it^^ its super boring though and requires not even a minute of gameplay, also why would you allow sblj for it? :D

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Northern Ireland

I see that people didn't like the idea. It was only a suggestion.

North Carolina, USA

This would be a run with no interesting gameplay where basically every run would have to be retimed to the frame in order to accurately determine placement. It just doesn't seem worth the effort.

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Victoria, Australia

I had this idea over two years ago lmao

United States

Just got a 1:41.800 time from the file select timing on emulator Literal PB because of strat change


just got a 1:38.46

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