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Why isn't there any sort of Shindou competition? For the runs that are possible, shouldn't there be some sort of check box to say you're playing on the Shindou Edition just for all official N64 releases to be on the leaderboard?


shindou its just the 1.3 of the original so is not really competitive except for some IL that have advantage.


The original gets more attention and competition probably because the original (mainly Japanese) verison is the most popular and liked the most. idrk (I don't really know)


Yeah, I understand that no one really has any reason to play on Shindou but I find it hard to believe not a single person has done a run on Shindou. If nothing else, it would be neat to know what the Shindou WRs are.


Shindou for 120 is interesting imo because you can't do any BLJs (HMC 100c route or even HMC Maze BLJ)


Wouldnt ^That just be equal to something like a 120 star+glitchless route? or just no bljs.


Hey i'm new to this Site what does tas mean?


Lerch it means Tool Assisted Speedrun
or Tool Assisted Superplay


I feel like nobody plays on shindou since it's simply a slower version of the game. So it makes sense that the only times people have used it are when it's actually faster for speedruns. It also makes sense that there's no competition for it since it's rarer to find and slower.

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