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I want to merge SM64 iQue with SM64 do you do too


That's probably a bad idea. The iQue version is a completely different game. If you look at the Japanese version, it still says Super Mario 64 at the beginning. In the iQue version, it is in Chinese. They are listed differently for reasons. If they were the same game but a different language, mods would never have created two different games on


It is the same game, but having it be on the leaderboard would be very odd because you can only run 120 star and 70 star on it and significantly less people run it than on the other versions, which would make it look out of place.

Edit: moving it to CE might not be a bad idea

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This is the third thread about this
everyone, please stop filling the forums with unnecessary threads
and no


Oh OK, so the 2003 Chinese version patched the glitches?


Yes, but that's not the point. I'm with PASRC on the idea that it might be cool to have it be a cat extension.