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I'm poor and I can't buy a wii or Xbox 360 adapter and I just have 3 options.
Play EMU with the keyboard
Play WiiUVC
Play WiiVC in the Wii emulator of WiiU
What's the best option

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emu is free

wiiu vc is like 10 $ + wiiu about 400 $

wii vc is about 5 $ + wii like 30 $

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buy a wii, save up they are only like 30$-40$ like xein said, it will be better in the long run than wiiuvc


I run on WiiUVC and it's okay. Most people prefer WiiVC, but I really don't see why people hate WiiUVC.


input delay apparently

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if you have a controller that you can connect to your pc in any way you should do emulator. there are also cheap controllers but i think they arent very good. I'm using a ps4 controller btw

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i'm using EMU with PS2 controller (it had usb-port then, special edition, two ports)...i really love it and (relatively) i got great movement through that 🙂


Whatever you do, don't emulate Wii on Wii U lol. It's probably worse than just running Wii U VC in the first place.


I use emu with WiiU adapter for gamecube controller. Which is pretty cheap.