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I have two questions i been wondering about.

What is the difference between using a crt tv and a lcd tv to speed-running Super Mario 64? Is it a lot of benefits using a crt tv compared to a lcd one?

Then also I order a ntsc-j n64 console because it was cheaper. Is there any other difference between the ntsc-j and ntsc-u except that one play jap games and the other one us games? Any difference that makes it worth the the extra money to buy an ntsc-u one?

Thankful for getting some feedback 🙂.


maybe im wrong because i dont know a lot but i think jap is faster

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Yeah i know that jap is faster because of the text in Super Mario 64 go faster. So that version of the game i have. And that you can use jap games in us console and vice versa.

And that both ntsc-u and ntsc-j run the games in 60 hz. Intead of 50.

I was more wondering if there is any reson for buying an ntsc-u console that seems to cost more. Compared to an ntsc-j that seems to be cheaper?

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Runners prefer to use CRT TVs because of minimal input delay compared to an LCD TV. If you can, however, get used to the input lag on an LCD TV, to my knowledge there is no other difference apart from slightly different colors. I think the reason that the jap console is cheaper is simply because there were more made. Other than text and various other differences (different camera angles, stars not in boxes, etc.) the jap and US consoles are the same and there is no advantage of running on a US console.

Please note: The jap and US console differences might not be 100% correct, as they are simply based off of my knowledge.

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NTSC-U text scrolls faster, but there are a few elements of NTSC-J that save time over U. Most people who use an NTSC-U system just do so because they already own one from childhood.

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Ok. That makes sense. Probably will stick to the ntsc-j console then.

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Competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee player here that's getting into speedrunning.

I highly recommend getting a CRT over an LCD, especially if you're looking to get serious in speedrunning a game with frame-perfect inputs. The slightest bit of display lag from an LCD display can be enough to throw off timings and make some tricks difficult.

Display lag is what happens when an LCD tries to take in a signal it's not familiar with and tries to display it on it's screen. Think of it like this: LCDs are digital video displays and N64's composite an analog video output. The LCD doesn't natively support composite signals of video, so it has to process it before it displays it. Processing the video feed creates display lag in itself. Some LCDs even try to upscale the resolution and this will cause even grater display lag. Newer consoles like the Wii U natively output their video feed to HDMI, which LCD screens take in without having the process the signal. They are both digital, so there is no problems there. Older consoles that lack HDMI and favor analog feeds like composite (NES/N64/GCN/etc) will only be able to play lagless on a CRT without heavy modifications done to the system itself. tl;dr: You'll want a CRT for Mario 64 speedrunning since it's an N64 game.

If you're worried about finding a CRT, don't worry - CRTs are quite easy to come by. You can pick them for free or for a couple of bucks just about anywhere. Look around thrift stores like Goodwill or in dumps. I once found a Sony Trinitron on the side of the road that I was able to salvage, and it works perfectly.

There's a lot more information on display lag/LCD lag in general on MIOM. I suggest you check it out. Let me know if you have any questions on display lag and whatnot and I'll try to answer them with the best of my ability.

FYI since you're in Sweden and your region has different A/V standards - When looking for a CRT make sure you find one that will display games in 60 hz. As far as I'm aware some of your CRTs might only support 50 hz, so the video feed can be faulty (I've seen the games feed display in black and white when being displayed on a 50 hz CRT TV.) if you try to play on them. Just keep that in mind.

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What SquidKiddie is great information surrounding the tv and Loz has already mentioned something about the version difference.

In terms of the version difference as long as you are not using PAL you should be pretty much okay. Whilst I cant name all the cases; I can explain that Jp is quicker in the longer categories due to the ways some stars spawn. For example in ccm on Jp the star spawns over the penguins head as well as some stars not being in boxes; meaning there is no cutscene for the box opening.

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Great info! Thanks.

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Hi, have got my gameshark and jap n64. Now i am tying to find a good tv that i can use. That whould be next to my computer. Found this one that some one was selling: . has like 16 ms. Is that a good choice? How is another good way to find a good tv if not on the "used market"? I have not found many stores or places that have old crt or lcd tv's around. Maybe because i live in an city.

The problem with crt's is that i do not have that much room where i live and that i want to find one that i could easily fit next to my computer.

¤¤Maybe not that one though. Saw it had 50 hz instead of 60¤¤