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Hi, I got interested in speedrun not so long ago and I would like to start on Mario 64.
As I'm a beginner I would like to have some advice to start speedrun on this game, is a 64 controller mandatory? What emulator should I use? How to configure LiveSplit? How to start with what type of run (120 stars, 70 stars...?) What site to see all the bugs of the game? Here are all my questions that I ask myself for the moment, thank you for helping me.

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first, you don't really need a nintendo 64 controller, (i'm doing runs with my keyboard, because i never really got used to use a controller, and also if you are used to your controller it'll do fine.), you should use pj64 for runs, other emus are banned if i got it right, my livesplit is just a timer literally, i start it and end it, for glitches you have to watch yourself videos, or watch tournaments, i really can recommend you freshman 16 runs, you can see some nice shortcuts there, i would recommend you 16 star first, it's fun, and yeah it's hard to climb the leaderboard, and start with beginner glitches, like cannonless is a really easy one (also you have to grind these glitches if you got it wrong because, sometimes you will fail don't quit, remember to grind it till you can master it.) just watch videos to learn glitches, for 16 stars route i would recommend the guides tab.

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Controller: I don't want to advertise my controller that I use for speedrunning, but I think the Retro-Bit Tribute 64 USB controller is the best controller for speedrunning
(Just my opinion)

Emulator: Project64 v1.6.x

routes: You should just follow your routes on YouTube

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Sorry, I still have some questions, how to get the courage to succeed in the speedrun?
Also how do you register a run on a leaderboard? Do we have to film our screen? If yes, by which site or application?
How to learn the game, the bugs...?
And how can we improve to make a better time?
And I think I'm going to download the Project64 v1.6.x emulator soon, and on top of that I saw that there is a Rom that is USAMUNE Rom, and if I use USAMUNE Rom and I make a good time, will my run be refused (without using USAMUNE Rom of course)?
And what are the rules for Mario 64 in 16 stars, I know it's written on the site, but I don't really understand...
And last question, what is a rom ?

Thanks again for all the people who will answer me!


1. You should not use the Usamune rom for your runs but ONLY to practice.

2. A rom is a copy of a game that you need to play the game on your emulator. Either you download it from the Internet or you can use a read-out module to create a rom from a game.

3. To submit your runs you need to have a video (or stream) where the moderators can see your gameplay. The best thing to do is to download OBS Studio to record.
(you don't have to pay attention to anything important, the main thing is that you can see what you are playing)

4. Just look for tutorials on YouTube for the bugs you want to learn, there are tutorials for everything.
(a movement guide is also important at the beginning)

5. You can get a better time simply by practicing.
The best thing to do is to look at the WR to know when to move and how.

6. In 16 Star you can only skip the 31 star door with Mips-Clip.
All other tricks are allowed and you have to have 15 stars BEFORE Dire Dire Docks and then in Dire Dire Docks you get the 16 star.
(and you are not allowed to collect less or more than 16 stars, of course)

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Thank you very much
If I use a n64 controller and or the Retro-Bit Tribute 64 USB controller, what connection should I use to connect it to my PC?
What is Mips-clip, Dire Dire Docks, WR ?


1. Connect the controller via USB

2. Mips-Clip is a glitch (bug) in Super Mario 64 with which you can skip the 30 star door.
WR stands for world record. Dire Dire Docks is a level in Super Mario 64 which is right behind the 30 star door.

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actually, if they have an original n64 controller, than USB is not an option. get the hyperkin USB adapter. it's only like 10 USD.

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The "Resources" section of this site ( has everything you will need, especially since it has a comprehensive list of pretty much anything you'll need to get started and more.

Another great resource is Drogie's 16 star beginner tutorial video:

It's slightly outdated, but a great starting point. He also has useful links in the description of that video.

16 star is a great way to find out whether you really want to run this game or not, without sinking too much time in before you commit.

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I have been able to do all the stars in this run but I have never pulled off a successful blj


Thank you!


I haven't downloaded Mario 64 yet and I'm not sure how to do it...
I need to download Mario 64 first, please can I have a link and how to install it. And also I would like to get ROM Usamune, do I have to download ROM Usamune or Mario 64 and ROM Usamune? Anyway, I think you understood me. I just want to be able to speedrun Mario 64 and get ROM Usamune...
Have a good day and good games!


No they can't send you a link to a Rom, because it's illegal to "advertise" for pirated copies.


but you can just google for: "Super Mario 64 rom Japan" and just take the first page (if you make 70 star you have to enter "Super Mario 64 rom USA")


I think I did not explain myself well...
Knowing that I would like to start speedrun on mario 64, 16 stars. What I would like to know is that I download mario 64, then I install the Rom USAMUNE? What I mean is, what are the download steps? Or do I have to download an emulator (Project 64) and then Mario 64 and then install the Rom? I do not understand very well please guide me the way


For the USAMUNE rom you first need a "Super Mario 64 (U) [!]. Z64" rom you can google afterwards.
then you need this: https: //
■ Instructions
1. Unzip "Usamune ROM" and open the folder.
2. Open "Usamune ROM Patcher.html" on your web browser. (Internet Explorer does NOT work.)
3. Choose a vanilla ROM file. (for Example Super Mario 64 (U) [!].Z64)
4. Choose an Usamune ROM version you want to use.
5. Click on "Patch" and save the created Usamune ROM.

You MUST set "Memory Size" to "8 MB" in "Rom Settings" for the ROM to work properly.
You MUST also set "CPU core style" to "Interpreter".

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Is that all?
I do what you told me and I can start speedrunning Mario 64?
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


You're welcome,
yes you can start with speedruns now, but you are NOT allowed to use the USAMUNE rom for normal speedruns.
The USAMUNE rom is ONLY for practicing tricks, stars or other things, if you do a run in the USAMUNE rom then you cannot submit it.

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hello every one i was just wondering what does NTSC to PAL conversion mean??