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Learning the game on emu before switching to console, and just wondering if there's any reason not to use Dolphin to emulate the VC version of the game. Out of all the emu leaderboards every one of them uses N64 emulators, but from what I can tell Dolphin feels the same. Is there anything that doesn't work or any reason not to use it?


I know they're banned for ILs, but there are emulator subcategories for every full game category.


why would you
would it be like emu x vc = even less loading time
i mean pj64 1.6/1.7 are the only allowed emulators and dolphin emu is banned for pretty much every wii/gamecube game anyway so i doubt itd be allowed


lol why would you when solid n64 emulators exist?


Ummmmm dolphin is made for GC/Wii, Project 64 is best N64 emulator no reason to use anything else

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i'll eat a sock if you get a good time in any category on fucking wii VC emu

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Don't mean to necropost but
@armin there's this guy called mootier_ with a 18:xx on dolphin

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