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I thought of a route change for 16 star, and it may be faster than the current one, I have no idea yet. Thats why im posting it here just in case someone might know.
In dark world backtracking for the reds loses some time to not doing reds. I have a route change that may save time over this. HMC BLJ is faster than Dark world reds as a whole, but there are more factors to it as well. My thought is this route:
Dark World No reds
Grab the 3 normal stars in whomps (leave lobby with 3 stars.)
Play the current route like normal untill LLL, OR HMC.
In LLL do the second volcano star, OR in HMC do the HMC BLJ.
I have no idea for sure if its faster, but it might be. If anyone can help with the route I would apprecieate it.

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You don't have any stars to enter WF

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Maybe slblj into whomps? If this is worth it at all.

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Like max said, you have no stars to enter WF. But besides that, I can't imagine either the Elevator tour in LLL or the HMC BLJ stars being faster than DW Reds. Although those stars can be faster than DW Reds if your DW Reds is bad, the time it takes to re-enter those worlds and the exiting animation all adds up. I'm not an expert by any means, but I don't see this being faster.

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blj into whomps, if you use tama pless, would double pless work, i fnot sorry for the trouble


It's interesting. The difference between DW reds and no reds is about 24s. Then I think the lblj into whomps would be around the same time as entering normally (I didn't watch such an lblj that starts from the exiting level place). Maybe you can be faster by 1 or 2s.

Then leaving whomps would be slower (I guess reentering and exit level would be slightly faster than having the door animation). You would loose around 2s I think. So 22s saved so far (maybe 24s max)

HMC toxic maze blj is around 40s with entering and exiting animations,

LLL elevator star is around 25s with the animations,

SSL secrets with tamapless is around 30s with the animations.

I may be wrong of course, I didn't spend too much time reaserching but I guess it doesn't save time.

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That's a weird route at best, but what about having 0 stars to enter WF? either way, if you do an lblj or slblj to go into whomps, it saves no time over just getting reds done then and there. plus with things like the tsukishima cycle, you don't lose time doing reds compared to no reds. I guess do what you want, but I think it's not a very good route.

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