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I casually checked this morning and saw Drozdowsky got the 16 star record by a couple milliseconds. “Cool, well deserved,” I thought to myself, and I just went on with my day. Then I checked again this afternoon, and I saw Akki DESTROYED the record with a 15:08. That seems extremely sketchy. A category that went from 15:24 to 15:17 in around two years couldn’t have gone from 15:16 to 15:08 in a matter of days. Also, there are some stars that I’m 99.9% sure are not in the route, and no controller input or voice recording add to my suspicion. If he legitimately got the time, good for him, but who knows if it’s a compilation of decent single star segments or not at this point? We know he got caught recording a 15:22 run only halfway through, and even if that was an honest mistake, this past action just builds upon the sketchiness of this record. If people could deeply analzyze this run to confirm or deny my assumption, that would be helpful.
sorry for this being so long, I just can’t belive that this may or may not be real.


Akki doesn’t really play with his mic on during runs because he may just be concentrating.

I highly doubt that his 15:08 is spliced/cheated.

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He streamed the full run at twitch. Sooo i guess this conversation is over.

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All your problems are solved. 🙂

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hi 16bitGeorge

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Yeah, there should be no questioning the run.