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ok, this is an idea I've had for a while, but you can actually play sm64, on browser, on keyboard. I think this would be a fun meme category, and would also open opportunities for people without an n64 or good computer. you can play at
It's deffo illegal tho, so it might be shut down at some point. I'd love to run this, and I've been practicing on keyboard. It would be awesome if you guys added something like this.

edit: if you don't have a pagedown button, like on Chromebook or something, hit alt+down arrow. Hope this helps!


Plenty of people have done runs on PJ64 using KB. IIRC Shans, who is 4th on 120 emu currently, was using keyboard for runs. The definite runner that I knew was on KB before getting an N64 was DumpDome (18th in 120), so its certainly doable, just not recommended if you have access to a controller of some kind.

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so you're saying I can just submit them as emulator runs with no issues?


as long as it's on PJ64 1.6, I think.


yes, you can play on a keyboard. Just look at the emulation setup in guides section and there is also a controller plugin specifically made for keyboard( LINK's Direct Input) .

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