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Project 64 1.6 is already very old and clunky.
Why is something like Mupen in Retroarch not allowed?


mupen64 plus is allowed in the rules


mupen is not allowed because of its tas functionality and I have never heard of retroarch so it is possible that mods have not either


Straight from the rules for emulator:
Allowed Emulators:

Project64 v1.6.x
OpenEmu (for Mac users)
Mupen64Plus (for Linux users)

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Retroarch adds a performance increase and is considered unfair. mupen64 is for tasing, and mupen64 plus is harder to set up, and even more clunky in my experience compared with project 64.

honestly, the mods probably should look into more emulators like bizhawk, mupen64++, and others. yes, bizhawk is used primarily for LOTADs, but it's actually more accurate than the supported emulators. as for mupen64++, I can't remember if it's android only, but I find that it's the most accurate, assuming your device is powerful enough to run it.

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