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Ive come across a cartridge with the numbers "34" printed on the back label. Is this version 1.0?


What does the label on the front look like? If it's just Mario with the Wing Cap, it's 1.0. Mario and Bowser together are on the Shindou version, which you probably don't want.


what do you mean by "you probably don't want"?
do you mean that since blj is patched,the only categories you can do is 70 and 120 stars?


probably, he may want to do 16 star so he might want to know what version to get


Its just Mario with the Wing Cap, White label. But I thought there were other versions between 1.0 and Shindou, thats why I avsked.

Thanks for the reply! Now Im waiting for my v1.0 to arrive!

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1.0 is the japanese + usa version, i think pal is 1.0 aswell


shindou loses a lot of time to loading, its not just blj

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some runners who do IL stars use shindou sometimes, idk why but all i know is that they do


@2q2q the reason why some IL runners use shindou is because it has less lag in some places (like DDD).

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