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As you should know it is required now that you need video proof for your run to be on the leaderboards. For most players such as myself it is required that we send a link to our video so mods can look at and verify the run is legit, however for some reason there are runs listed on the leaderboards without videos, I get there is an option not to see these runs but why are they on the leaderboards in the first place it seems like these players are getting unfair advantages where they can submit a run without video

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Thouse runs are like 8 to 10 years old if not older I think the rules were different back then idk

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yeah they where but shouldnt they remove those runs


they’re grandfathered in under the new rule set, most are slow anyway

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Yeah, this is common in a lot of speed games. LINK05 is right, many of which are older... Wookis is also right, its not like any of these are incredibly groundbreaking by TODAY's standards.

You gotta recognize the history of speedrunning to understand the validity in runs like these, in some cases, capturing footage was not as accessible as it is now... in the event that footage was captured, its entirely possible that that data has since died because the servers they were hosted on have dissolved.

additionally, SRC has not been the home of speedrunning leaderboards for the duration of speedrunning history, translating data between platforms, ESPECIALLY for a game as popular as this, is a challenge and things can go wrong.

I also think its important to KEEP these milestones, as they document how the game has evolved IN the timeline that it has evolved. Knowing that someone got X time Y amount of years ago can be helpful for a lot of perspective for many runners. And speedrunning is generally a "new" sport, if we start erasing portions of history now, we begin to chip away its validity.

Im a SMW runner, and we have a lot of runs like this, but they are usually in the context of being witnessed by blossoming moderators of the community. If we invalidate these runs now, we begin to invalidate the progress we've made since then.

Even still, if someone comes in today and claims a top 10 spot without footage, it will likely be declined because of the context... But 10+ years ago is different context.

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