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I'm looking for some good games to speedrun. Not SM64, SMB, or MK8. I already speedrun those games, and I don't want people suggesting any of those games.


How about Sonic World?


1. Why is this on SM64 forums and not the SRC forums?
2. Do a game that you played a lot. For me, this game is SMW (a good speedgame for beginners). Another good beginner speedgame is the Valentines Day 2017 google doodle. It's very easy to learn, and not that long.

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new level lmfao

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Drogie, what do you men by "new level"?


Maybe try Oot


Portal is fun to speedrun its fast and easy to practice also luigis mansion chaunceys key is simple 2.

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I would say Jet Set Radio Or Jet Set Radio Future. Jet Set Radio Is A Fast Game To Run (JSR Any% WR is 36:21) And Jet Set Radio Future Because it's a good game overall (JSRF Any% WR Is 1:41:17)


OK. I'll look into that, SuperWardBros.

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Ocarina of time Any%
A link to the past Any%
both of them are very short (oot 17m 09s)(alltp 1m 31s) and very easy to learn.