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Hello, a few months ago I submitted a few SM64 BOB runs, and they were all rejected only because it was not on the original Nintendo 64. So, here is my question. Why is VC & Emu not allowed for those categories? Is it because VC & Emu are inaccurate? If not, then I think the rules should be changed for the consoles allowed.

No Argument Intended.


As you can see the Full-Game Leaderboards are splitted in N64, EMU and VC. That means there are differences between them. For ILs/IWs, I have no idea. But, there must be something.


Why wouldn't they add leaderboards for VC & Emu as well for the IWs?


don't lock this until this idea spreads


Well, single star is N64 only because it's about optimising a single star to its complete potential. This includes lag and loading in the star. Since emu and VC don't have lag and have faster loading, it would become a requirement to use VC for single star.

Regarding making separate tabs for N64/EMU/VC like with the standard leaderboard, with the way SRC works, this wouldn't be able to be done neatly as the tabs that we use to split them on the standard leaderboard are being used to split between each single star in a stage so we'd have to create 2 more basically identical single star leaderboards which wouldn't be ideal. On top of this, single star is already not very popular and especially so for emu/VC users.

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The first rule is “Emulator, Wii VC, WiiU VC, and iQue are banned.” so....if you would’ve seen the rules, you’d know why.


It's also important to note that N64 emulation is notoriously inaccurate. As far as I know, there is also not much interest in developing more accurate N64 emulation. It's also very complicated, and few people have the knowledge to even do such a thing.

Single star became N64 only in mid-2012 after Midori banned it on his single star leaderboards (which no longer exist). The official leaderboards were on, then Midori's website, and then here. It's worth noting that pretty much every rule from the older leaderboards was kept on the newer leaderboards. The rules for timing Bowser stages with no star, grabbing a star, etc. all originate on the original leaderboards. Basically when Midori banned emulator on his leaderboards, the rule was kept for this leaderboard. It just so happens that single star takes a bit more skill/understanding and feels better to play on N64 than on VC or emulator. N64 only also makes it easier to compare attempts between players. It's more meaningful if everyone uses the same platform. It's also worth noting that N64 consoles are much more consistent than Project 64 running on different computers.

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