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You still have to collect each number of stars, except all doors can be unlocked and you can have ny amount going into it. For example:
70 Star - You have to collect 70 Power Stars and beat the 3 Bowsers (BITS Last)
120 Star - You have to have less than 50 in order to get 1st MIPS Star but other than that: All 120 and 3 Bowsers (BITS Last)
0 Star - 3 Bowsers
1 Star - Collect Board Bowser's Sub and 3 Stars
16 Star - Grab 16 Stars and beat the 3 Bowsers.
This might be a category extension; just figured I'd put it here first.


Was that supposed to link to a Google Doc?

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but... you can, you... and the thing is, ya know?

IM SORRY! Aren't there ways to get through every door and go to every location in the game without having any of the requirements? I mean, I guess this would basically be 0 star without going to first and second bowser... Yeah I still don't get it! The game doesn't have a "New Game+". You just return to the game. Even if we were to do a 120 star version of this the only difference would be the caps don't get unlocked.

The only reason you'd see such a category is if the game itself featured such a function. Usually when someone refers to this it means the game is harder or involves playing the game differently due to slight changes the game developers made.

EDIT: Glad I could be the one person telling you why this is unacceptable rather than saying no why would anyone do that. 🙂

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no offense but no one will ever run this, locking the thread so people stop getting notifications for it

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