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This isn't a game i run at all but something i'm curious about after watching a video on this game ( i forget which one) I know most all of the top runners on this game run on N64. But unless i misunderstood something quite badly VC saves several minutes due to load times and less lag. Why wouldn't top runners or most anyone else not want the free time save? Only reason i can think of is tradition. Is there a better reason or is it just that's how it's always been?

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It's also that so much time and practice was invested into lag reduction strategies. Just removing those by running on different unoriginal hardware takes a lot out of the run. So yeah, N64 will always be the main category

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So back when VC first became a thing some western players were actually using it, but it turns out that the japanese version was really bad. So to keep things fair and accessible for them people just agreed to use n64. Another reason is that many runners consider lag reduction to be a part of the gameplay now, and they want to keep it that way. Plus the VC version of the game is just kinda ugly since it has a weird color filter on it. The leaderboard has since been split into three parts N64/VC/EMU, so even if you switched to VC now you wouldnt get those minutes of timesave on the same leaderboard. Who knows tho, maybe one day people will switch.

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