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My most recent run got denied for "no game audio" yet my other run got accepted and had no game audio.
And yet, this run gets accepted without game audio.
^^ which is 2nd place emu wr


The person in question that denied it is minikori.


there is a specific reason that run doesnt have audio, the run was exported from twitch and the run has audio on twitch, so it has met the proof requirement


Still, my older run got accepted (which was not a twitch hightlight) and it had no game audio.


If your run has no audio it's denied. If any run is accepted without it, it's either a mistake or the run was submitted and accepted before the "must have sound" rule came into effect. It's just that simple. Record with audio and you won't have this problem.

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...or the sound was cut out after verifying, maybe? dont know, how the mechanics work, is it by computers or by humans to control the sound-rights?

why was sound even cut out? i cant be the OST of a game, no streamer mutes his game-sounds, so why?


Thanks for letting us know. Sometimes runs get through by mistake. It's easy for it to happen with all the submissions we get every day. I have went and rejected the runs in question but as Tyler mentioned, Php's run was before this no audio rule came in.