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Hi, i wanted to know how to upload runs. Due to certain complications, i can not live stream my runs, and i cant upload them to you tube. If i ever become a top level player (which is highly unlikely) then i might be able to live stream attempts, and upload them to yt, however, now i cannot. I have a 16 star run submitted, but its not on the leaderboards, and whenever i got to pending actions and hit the rejected tab, it shows up, but i never got a reason as to why it was rejected. I really want to have runs on the leader board, so if there is anything i can do to fix this please let me know. Also let me know if i was unclear on anything.

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you have to upload your runs on YouTube and then go to submit runs afterwards you just have to enter your category and your time and you have to have a link to your video your video may also not be listed on. The run starts when you restart your console or restart your emulator.
can you send me the link to your run maybe i can see where the error is in the recording.


As stated in the rules, video of your run is required. There's no way around that. The run does not need to be live streamed. If you can't live stream, you can record by some other means. Are you not able to record some other way?

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I am able to record, but i can't upload it to You tube. I know how to, but I just can't and that's that's for now. I am in the process of getting it fixed but for a while I can't upload anything. Does it have to be on YouTube?


I don't think the platform matters. Just as long as there is a video of your run. I think the only thing is it has to be a permanent link. For example, the rules say twitch VODs have to be highlighted because the original VOD gets deleted after some time, while highlights are permanent.


If uploading runs to youtube is impossible for the moment, enjoy the learning process and share your time with friends, it ultimately doesn't matter that much whether it is on the leaderboard while you're starting with the game. Once that situation is fixed, you can start submitting runs to the leaderboard

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I uploaded a 16 No lblj run to google drive and it got verified

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@WookisDaOneWookisDaOne as long as the run stays available to be watched there isn’t any problem with that


Just upload your video where you want there are a lots of them:
1 #alugha.
2 # Dailymotion.
3 #Flickr.
4 #Metacafe.
5 #Twitch.
6 #Vevo.
7 #Viddler.
8 #VidLii.

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does anyone know what is NTSC to PAL conversion is??

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you don't want to convert NTSC to PAL. never run on pal. it's 50% slower and just worse in general. that being said, if you want to use a European n64 with a us/jp cart, use any region passthrough device, like the passport III. but I wouldn't suggest it. what I would suggest is getting a Japanese/US n64, (the JP consoles are extremely cheap) and a cheap AV capture device. that way, even if you have a PAL CRT, you can just use something like OBS to fullscreen the captured footage.

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If you click on your rejected run you will see the reason in the description.

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