Uh, I found something so I'm just gonna post it here (BoB Gate clip)
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Uh, I found something so I'm just gonna post it here (BoB Gate clip)
Ohio, USA


So, I'm prob not the first to find this but I fond this quite interesting. If it hasn't been found which I'd doubt but maybe used for 8 reds? Idk. Im just gonna post this here. I found it quite interesting anyway.

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Ohio, USA

aight thanks

I was doing LBJ on endless staircase and as I was building up speed I was transported into wet dry world how did that happen

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Victoria, Australia

not the right place to ask, but you clipped through the wall at the top and flew back downstairs I think

Minnesota, USA

You probably were too far to the left and that's why that happened

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Basse-Normandie, France

Never seen that before, thx for posting :p (even if i'ts not useful)

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