100% in 54m 51s by

Well, I retook Master in hundo, now time to do the same in NMS 👀

54m 51s
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Time splits
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#NameSplitFinished at
1-Tutorial 10m 36s 691ms0m 36s 691ms
2-Enter B10m 14s 225ms0m 50s 916ms
3-B1 Fight0m 34s 467ms1m 25s 383ms
4-Tutorial 20m 50s 912ms2m 16s 295ms
5Eddie0m 11s 903ms2m 28s 198ms
6-BoB Island0m 47s 649ms3m 15s 847ms
7-BoB Silvers0m 26s 656ms3m 42s 503ms
8-BoB Secret0m 22s 407ms4m 04s 910ms
9-BoB King0m 41s 252ms4m 46s 162ms
10BoB0m 19s 339ms5m 05s 501ms
11GoS0m 45s 840ms5m 51s 341ms
12-SL Bully0m 46s 611ms6m 37s 952ms
13-SL Snowman0m 33s 073ms7m 11s 025ms
14-SL Secret0m 38s 210ms7m 49s 235ms
15- SL Ice Maze0m 27s 360ms8m 16s 595ms
16SL0m 31s 454ms8m 48s 049ms
17-CoE0m 59s 433ms9m 47s 482ms
18-RR Triangles0m 17s 605ms10m 05s 087ms
19-RR Secret0m 59s 405ms11m 04s 492ms
20-RR Reds1m 18s 760ms12m 23s 252ms
21-RR Cruiser0m 46s 244ms13m 09s 496ms
22RR0m 16s 184ms13m 25s 680ms
23-MM1m 05s 614ms14m 31s 294ms
24-TTC Pendulum0m 19s 659ms14m 50s 953ms
25-TTC Reds0m 22s 985ms15m 13s 938ms
26TTC0m 24s 214ms15m 38s 152ms
27-TTM Mushroom0m 48s 440ms16m 26s 592ms
28-TTM Top0m 26s 643ms16m 53s 235ms
29-TTM Silvers0m 34s 505ms17m 27s 740ms
30-TTM Secret0m 38s 946ms18m 06s 686ms
31TTM0m 39s 470ms18m 46s 156ms
32-B2 Reds1m 16s 913ms20m 03s 069ms
33Bowser 20m 24s 023ms20m 27s 092ms
34-LLL Volcano1m 34s 228ms22m 01s 320ms
35-LLL Silvers0m 32s 818ms22m 34s 138ms
36-LLL Bully0m 43s 506ms23m 17s 644ms
37-LLL Secret0m 28s 404ms23m 46s 048ms
38LLL0m 39s 173ms24m 25s 221ms
39Red2m 20s 898ms26m 46s 119ms
40Green2m 02s 231ms28m 48s 350ms
41-SSL Top0m 31s 007ms29m 19s 357ms
42-SSL Reds0m 28s 496ms29m 47s 853ms
43SSL0m 23s 603ms30m 11s 456ms
44-WDW Reds1m 15s 636ms31m 27s 092ms
45-WDW Silvers0m 30s 776ms31m 57s 868ms
46WDW0m 12s 652ms32m 10s 520ms
47-BM Basement1m 09s 889ms33m 20s 409ms
48-BM Balcony1m 03s 611ms34m 24s 020ms
49-BM Switches0m 42s 330ms35m 06s 350ms
50-BM Reds1m 36s 451ms36m 42s 801ms
51BM0m 35s 287ms37m 18s 088ms
52-B1 Reds0m 53s 688ms38m 11s 776ms
53-EotMK0m 37s 891ms38m 49s 667ms
54-SotM0m 27s 900ms39m 17s 567ms
55-Thwomps0m 32s 080ms39m 49s 647ms
56-JRB0m 59s 918ms40m 49s 565ms
57-Tidal0m 51s 599ms41m 41s 164ms
58Secrets0m 29s 009ms42m 10s 173ms
59-HMC Lake0m 45s 691ms42m 55s 864ms
60-HMC Secret0m 38s 046ms43m 33s 910ms
61-HMC Cage
62-HMC Reds1m 48s 146ms45m 22s 056ms
63HMC0m 24s 871ms45m 46s 927ms
0m 26s 828ms46m 13s 755ms
65SotS0m 46s 298ms47m 00s 053ms
66-B3 Reds3m 13s 579ms50m 13s 632ms
67-Fake Bowser2m 17s 551ms52m 31s 183ms
68-Space0m 50s 817ms53m 22s
69Escape1m 29s 858ms54m 51s 858ms
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New audio requirement rule

Runs which are • Sub 6:45 in Any% • Sub 26 in NMS • Sub 52 in 100% • WR in any other main game category will be required to have audio. Background music doesn't have to be enabled, but sound effects should be audible in the video.

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