Resources Spreadsheet

This is the main resource spreadsheet of the community. Here you can find all the routes, a list of the glitches, and other useful resources. (external link)

By Community

Runouw Rich Presence Pack (Includes SM63)

This is the rich presence pack for all runouw games excluding sms, READ THE README. (direct download)

By DignityDignity

Runouw Runs Youtube Channel

YouTube channel which compiles some basic explanations of simple SM63 strats, as well as newly discovered advanced strats. (external link)

By Community

SM63 Deathmatch Hack

Hack that kills you if you take any damage. Not really useful for speedruns, but it's cool. (direct download)

By Bogo Dragon

Super Mario 63 Discord Server

Link to the Discord Server, which is the main place where we discuss. (external link)

By Community




Hover Only Autosplitter

Autosplitter for Any% Hover Only has two routes included (null file and no null file) (direct download)

By Tai0Tai0

Super Mario 63 Splits Pack

Splits pack that includes splits for every main category. It also includes several split pictures. (direct download)

By SekanorSekanor


2009 Release (.exe)

Fastest version due to various glitches. Recommended for speedrunning. (direct download)

By Runouw

2012 Release (.exe)

Recommended for casual play. (direct download)

By SekanorSekanor

SM63 All Version SWF Files

Adobe Flash Player will Stop supporting at 2020. So I Made All SM63 Files to SWF. You have to download a program that it can launch SWF Files. Sorry for my bad English :( (external link)

By FirelemonFirelemon

SM63 Korean translation (2012 release mod)

Some guy translated SM63 into Korean. I finally managed to get the download to extract properly, so here it is. (direct download)

By 보고룡 (?)