Is there a chance that there can be a category in ILs called: “Check-Point”?
1 year ago
United States

Here’s how it would work: you would have to grab the check-point and fall into a pit afterwards, then, you can Speedrun the the level from the check-point, you can grab items, but it would waste time, and this category in ILs would only work if the level has a check-point. And yes, it would still work by igt.

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United Kingdom

ILs are short already so halving it by going from the checkpoint just makes it unnecessarily short

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United States

Ok 👍.

Norrbotten, Sweden

I have also thought of something similar, but mostly since I have no capture card. I have called it 'Midway', and either played the first or second part of the level as an IL.

That way is the Switch's own record device enough on many levels. Could at least be something for runners with less experince.

North Carolina, USA

@LastActionHero You can do multiple switch clips for full ILs if you just make a clip when you enter a warp box, pipe, etc. If that's not enough, you are even allowed to pause the game when you need to so you can make the switch clip and unpause. That is what I do for most of my ILs.

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