SM3DW Category Idea

I think there should be a category where you try to get as much points as posible in a level, including points from time. I believe this could create a ton of strats and optimized runs

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I have thought about trying to get max scores as well, but I didn't think anyone would be interested.

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This exists on the CyberScore Wii U leaderboard from what I know of, but yeah, it would be cool if that was a category on SRC.

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No gatekeeping, but src wasn't built on score attacks. It was on speedrunning.

Try using cyberscore or make something of your own :p

What you can do here, is grab contestants 👀

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There are score-based speedruns, such as damageless mario odyssey, 3d world, fury, getting over it with bennett foddy meme%, the list goes on.

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speedrunning custom levels, if mods were on the rules?


Interesting idea. If many people do runs of it we could take it into consideration.

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i dont have a modded switch tho


@LilCB_YT I was referring to score-based speedruns

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@LilCB_YT here’s the leaderboard for a few modded levels:

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its that i dont have a modded switch how do i get one?

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