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New Hampshire, USA

Im looking into starting to do some running on sm64 after doing a lot of research on how it can be done, i understand its the shindou version and there are no bljs, but ive seen things like 1 and 16 star shindou TASes and honestly i would love it if we could add at least a 16 star run category for this because if i were to start running it would be there. (even though i suck at the game without trying to speedrun it) would that be possible to add?

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Bahia, Brazil

no-blj 0/1/16 stars are REALLY hard to do and i think are considered only TAS

New Hampshire, USA

thx bro but if one could be done would you just be able to add a category or would someone moderating the game have to add it. just out of curiosity

United States

Someone moderating the game would have it add it. Also, I can't find anything online of a human doing a no blj 0, 1, or 16 star run, and even if it was possible, I doubt they would add it since very few people would want to run it.

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Saxony, Germany

Nobody is able to pull off that many firsties with such a high speed. So I doubt it would be possible to run such a category on Switch.

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Andalusia, Spain

Until a way for it to be done RTA is found I don't see them being added to the leaderboards. It's a small chance that a way to get 16/1/0 star on Shindou is possible but never doubt speedrunners. As of right now it would be pointless to add it.

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Maryland, USA

I bet people have tried the frame-perfect wall kicks and only got up to 2 or 3 and that’s not enough speed. I think you need to do 30 at least so this is most definitely not RTA viable.

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Minnesota, USA

I've heard that the most someone has gotten RTA is 10 but I don't know if that's true or not. Regardless, that's nowhere near enough to get enough speed to clip. Unless we find a way to clip through the 50 and 70 star doors with something other than speed, it most likely wont happen non-TAS.

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Georgia, USA

to do RTA hyperspeed wallkicking, you would need to be on drugs. and you can ask about possibly getting a category extensions page made

Baltimore, MD, USA
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

Category Extensions should definitely exist at some point for 3d all-stars, so do some runs and save them so you can be first Kappa

but yeah, you can't do 16 star, 1 star, or 0 star on SM64 it would be fun to try though

Ohio, USA

Yeah we’d need to find something new and finding something new to a 24 year old game sounds very unlikely but who knows

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