Can you BLJ?
Virginia, USA

Is it possible to BLJ in mario 64 on the switch? sorry if this is a dumb question

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3 years ago


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3 years ago

No, they ported the shindou version, which doesn't have BLJs.

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theres a bunch of other glitches and skips though

United States

@I_Dunno___ What other glitches are there? (Besides mips clip)

Maryland, USA

Like frame-perfect wall kicks, Mips clip, staircase clip, etc.

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but isn't staircase clip useless because you can't blj?

Utah, USA

They might mean the spiral staircase leading upstairs

Alaska, USA

So this is why the game has it's own site...

Maryland, USA

Literally almost all categories aren’t possible

Massachusetts, USA

Long story short, 3D All-Stars is its own game, that's why it has it's own leaderboard that isn't mixed with the original game's. Yes, BLJs are patched, but that doesn't mean the game isn't worth running. 70 Star is one of the most fun categories I've tried in any game, and 120 is still very competitive.

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You can actually get the sound affect for the BLJ in 3d all stars by going to either the final bowser, or basement stairs, and then just simply long jump and spam the A button.

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3 years ago


Georgia, USA

You can BLJ in 3DAS But it's paid DLC

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Maryland, USA

You have to pay to BLJ?!

Michigan, USA

Pay To 16 Star

Missouri, USA

It's a joke.

New Hampshire, USA

The sound of BLJ can easily be heard by BLJing in the LBLJ or SBLJ spot. Other spots like low ceilings also work.

Victoria, Australia

you can BLJ though. hold forward > long jump > hold back > keep long jumping and holding back. simple!

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