I had an epic yet horrifying idea
2 years ago
New Mexico, USA

So my brain just thought of the ultimate flex.

Not only would someone 100% all three games- 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy…

They would have to do it on EVERY SAVE FILE for each.

This means doing FOUR full runs of 64, THREE times on Sunshine, and SIX times on Galaxy.

That’s a total of thirteen different 100% runs…

I can say without a doubt nobody is gonna take the time to do that. Let alone try and speedrun it.

And if someone does try, I wish them the best of luck.

It’s not gonna be easy.

Pennsylvania, USA

harharharharharharhar hell no


That would equal to: 480 stars for 64 360 shines for sunshine 720 stars for galaxy (1452 if your doing 242) So in total thats 1560 or 2292 stars/shines collected

United Kingdom

For a top-level speedrunner that would take:

6 hours 30 for 64 (manageable, people often do runs that long)

9 hours for sunshine (getting longer but still not that bad considering...)

70 hours for galaxy (just no)

This is assuming that anyone can play at world record consistency for 3-6 runs back to back of each game, which isn't going to happen either.

Edit: 70 hours for galaxy is assuming you do 242 each time - doing 120 each time would be much better

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United States

This is a huge waste of time and energy. Plus someone might die if they do it all in one sitting.

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New Mexico, USA

Yeah. With 64 and Sunshine, it’s probably manageable. But with Galaxy…

That is probably the single most terrifying concept possible.

Basically, you’d have to do 6 runs with Mario, and then 6 runs with Luigi…

If anyone even has a Galaxy game with all six saves done full 100%, without copying saves, then that alone is worthy of applause.

I will say that 100% on all three games once is probably a better idea- one save on each, although Galaxy would take two runs.

United Kingdom

Doing each level in each file as mario and Luigi requires 12 runs of every level. 24 Broob anyone?

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