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5 years ago
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I had this discussion in discord earlier today, but I'm thinking about doing a very rough 100% run to try and see the boundaries of the category. However, the definition of 100% is up for debate in terms of the category definition. The game defines 100% "game completion" as completing everything on the map, while other things like suits have 100% even disregarding the ESU suit from the secret photo ops. If someone were to attempt 100% rta, would it be going off map definition, or would it be going off 100% mods, suits, map, etc? The thing with map definition is that you don't have to go for golds or side objectives, while everything else would be going for side objectives to even afford some of the later upgrades.

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I think that I may define the platinum trophy acquisition as 100%. If define 100% truly, it is necessary to accomplish a side and the challenge as you say; but it has a long it very. Even if I may define all elements as the trophy acquisition as another item, I think.(If translation is not accurate, I feel bad)

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There's a percent meter on the game file select screen. 100% should be getting that meter to 100%.

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Plat% and 100% should be separate as people have gotten the Tombstone Takedown Trophy without actually completing the fight with Tombstone (I myself have the screenshot of the trophy showing up during the pre-fight cutscene). Also doing things like visiting Ben's Grave at the top of the map and climbing Avenger Tower isn't required in a 100% file.

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I think getting the in game progress to say 100% is the easiest and most accurate way to define 100%

Another Category could be All Suits/All Upgrades which would mean Golding every challenge to buy the mods, suits and gadget upgrades.

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dont you need 100% to get all trophys though?

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no you only need most not everything to get Platinum trophy. Benchmarks you don't need for trophy as an example

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but you also dont need benchmarks for 100%, what im tryin to get at is that play trophy and 100%, are they really so different that it requires a separate category? if they are basically the same length and one is simply just building upon the other, then why need 2?

like ive got 100% and all trophys but i did 100% first, so i dont really know how much you need to do in order to get the trophys without 100% :/

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