HDD and SSD sub categories?
5 years ago

I wanna get your guys thoughts on making SSD and HDD sub categories since SSD saves ALOT of time over HDD, feel free to discuss it here.

Virginia, USA

I'd rather use a variable. You can still filter if you want to compare within only the same hard drive type, and there's no gameplay differences that would warrant separate categories.

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Saxony, Germany

The separation is a good idea if there are large translocations in the charging time of more than 10 min

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The time save is about 15 min or so i believe, maybe even 20

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United States

sub categories a good for sure, 15 mins is alot of time to save. The loads between SSD and HDD are way different and warrant the change. I'm also someone who's against pay to win speedrunning :p

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He/Him, They/Them, It/Its
5 years ago

i agree with jhobz on this one. variables are the way to go for this in my opinion

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Saxony, Germany

At 20 min difference is the separation faith a fair solution

Massachusetts, USA

Can someone explain what SSD and HDD means to me?

Saxony, Germany

20 min is already a lot, a separation between CD and download would be Useful. At least it would be fair to find a solution

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United States

@generalnolan, HDD and SSD is the hard dive type. SSD can load things much faster without getting into huge details. Better to look up what they do for a better explaination

Virginia, USA

"CD" and "download" have no difference. All PS4 games begin installing to the hard drive once you put the disc in.

Another point for filters: subcategories make more sense when any individual might have a reason to run more than one of the subcategories (e.g. character selections, difficulty selection in games where difficulty changes a lot, oob vs. no oob, etc.). Separating hard drive type by subcategories would lead to weird cases of someone wanting to purposely move from SSD to HDD just to get their name at the top of another list, or outdated PBs remaining on the HDD subcategory after someone has already shifted to SSD.

I still think a variable is the proper option and that we should continue looking into load-removal solutions for the long-term.



Nevada, USA

An ssd u can get for 40 bucks.... I dont see the need to seperate... if anything u could time it without loads if it becomes an issue.

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United States

I don't know what SSD you got but mine was definitely not 40 bucks. Maybe if you want a cheap external choice sure, but the better the SSD the better the load times

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The load times should be removed from future runs tbh

Lincolnshire, England

So, Are the variables ever going to be added? After watching the new WR for silver lining it is obvious that thee are using a SSD. I am running Silver lining as well but have a HDD. If i put them side by side i am beating him every time in mission, but the load time is making it so i have a slower runs every time. Essentially no matter what i do i will never beat the top time. Could the variable be added please thanks

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