New Cutscene Momentum Speed Up Glitch
7 months ago
United Kingdom

Reuploaded as the audio was too quiet

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United States

It's very interesting how you got it on PC. We've had a similar thing happen for Miles on PS5

United Kingdom

This also happens to Miles on PC but the speed doesn't carry over to gameplay also I'm not sure if this is because of running off an SSD oppose to a HDD or if its linked to my PC specs so I'm not sure. But yeah I have no idea as I'm not a speedrunner myself

Virginia, USA

Holy fucking shit this is absurd lmao. It would kind of suck if runs just had no audio anymore because it was fastest, but goddamn that would save quite a bit of time on some unskippable cutscenes.

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United Kingdom

Yaaay I helped

United States

I cant seem to recreate this glitch, but boi oh boi I would love to. Specs: Ryzen 3 3100, GTX 1650, WD_BLACK SN750 1TB, 16 GB of ram


PC speedruns shouldn't exist

United Kingdom

My specs, Ryzen 5700X. RX 6800(non XT) 32GB 3200mhz ram, Asus B-450f gaming MOBO, 1tb WD_Blue SN550

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United Kingdom

I've tried to recreate this aswell and been unsuccessful but I have two suspicions on why this could happen and they are: weird broken install of the game however if this also happens on miles like you say then this is unlikely or an issue within the AMD graphics drivers since I and skeedKangaroo both have Nvidia cards and have been unsuccsessful however I don't have an AMD card to test this theory and you'd also probably need an rx 6800 aswell to test this but I would love if this isnt a driver issue since then it can be used by anyone at any point but oh well.

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United Kingdom

Its weird though because both games just don't seem to be stable on my system regardless of graphical settings on any version released it will crash at some point of playing the game, it will lock up and close saying I can't run the game with my specs which is a lie. It's like the game is just deciding that it doesn't want to work, or it may be an AMD specific issue as RE4 Remake runs with everything on ultra (no rtx) with zero crashes or fps drop and that's a much newer and less well optimised for PC game. So again no idea what's going on that footage was recorded with a completely fresh install with save files locally and cloud deleted just to make sure its nothing broken on a save that caused it. Just strange no one else can seem to replicate it.

United Kingdom

The glitch must just be from the instability you're having from the game then. It could only probably be either graphics driver issues or maybe some system files are corrupted that the game needs to run correctly. Which would explain why no one else can replicate this since probably no one else would have the exact same corruption of their os.

United Kingdom

I have no idea then, I did the free windows 11 update. I have since then completely wiped the drive and reinstalled windows and still the glitch remains, I've uninstalled the graphics driver and reinstalled a good friend of mine has the same GPU and has no issues running the game so I have no idea what's going on. I've even managed to stream the whole game, I have over 70 hours on the steam version so again no idea, I always assumed it was a windows 11 problem.

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