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5 years ago
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

I think the game's name should be "Spider-Man (PS4)" because with that, people can find the game page easier.


I think the game should stay as Marvel's Spider-Man because that id the official name

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California, USA

it's not for any other game system, so i say keep it as is

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Victoria, Australia

just gonna touch on this and give my 2 cents :D

i reckon the name "Spider-man PS4" would be more convenient and easier for people to find, judging from googles search results 'spiderman ps4' is more searched than 'marvels spiderman' and when you search for the latter it also comes up with the spiderman homecoming filmb (also the tv series). in addition to this whenever i hear people talking about the game they dont even mention the name 'marvel' because socially its implied and because its the most recent spiderman game, you dont need to specify the full title. So taking all this into consideration i think that it would be easier for people to find and access if the name was just spiderman PS4. But i do also understand why people want it to stay as the 'official' name.

there ya go, my 2 cents :D

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@lako3000 the thing is that the game's name is Marvel's Spider-Man, if it would be called just Spider-Man, it could be called Spider-Man PS4.

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