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Idea for a new category
Minnesota, USA

I love the movement and gameplay mechanics in this game, but honestly speedrunning the story sounds sort of exhausting to me (even though i sort of did that my first play-through out of pure excitement for the game). How about a category called "Backpack Rush" or something similar, where the only focus is to get every single backpack as fast as possible. I could honestly websling through Manhattan all day and this category would probably be a quick-ish run focusing only on movement techniques and map knowledge, which imo are the most speedrun friendly aspects of the game. Also, does anyone honestly want to speedrun those damn circuit puzzles? It would probably drive me insane.

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Well I already did an any% run and I'm sure others did as well, the run is going to range from 5-6 hours. You can skip the circuit puzzles by selecting so in the game options on the main menu. As for another category, if it's a bit of an outlier category most people prefer that you do a run of it first for it to be accepted to avoid empty categories and false promises, you should talk to everyone on the discord about it regardless since that's where the main activity is.

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Minnesota, USA

agreed. I wasnt so much suggesting it be added as i was trying to sort of see what people thought of it. I want to do a bit of routing before I record anything so it's going to be a bit before I get a submittable run in. Thanks for the tip on the discord I kind of forgot it existed. The main any% is a bit longer than I can commit to but I still love this game and want to find something that works for me in it.

Also I totally missed the fact that you can skip circuit puzzles fml. That would have come in handy during the level where you try and fix Doc's neural interface.

California, USA

Maybe an all collectibles category could work

Pennsylvania, USA

100%, all collectibles, any type of collectible category, platinum trophy run? just a few ideas

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Wisconsin, USA

I am currently doing a run that is: 100%, No Fast Travel, Spectacular Difficulty. I would love this category before I submit it lol.

Victoria, Australia

i reckon for categories we could just do, Any% and 100% as main categories. potentially use sub categories for pre orders. then i think it would be pretty neat to have a misc category or just a shorter one that more people could do because it wouldnt take hours to run, like the Backpack% previously mentioned, or even just a Backpack, Crime and Photo% since they are the earliest collectables i think?.

(apparently they are working on ng+ aswell btw which is cool)

Victoria, Australia

pigeon% or blackcat% is some other ideas

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United States

I like these ideas, but I learned from another game is that the fastest way to get a category created is to run it, then ask for the moderators to add it to the leaderboard.

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Maybe we should add Act1%,

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Why not 100%?

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New York, USA

I think we should just have Any% and 100% for now. Possible something like Act1% or All Backpacks in the future. No Fast Travel sounds pretty dull to me, I don't think it would be fun to watch and just make the run longer for no reason


I would have to disagree with you there Uberphenom. Having a no fast travel run would allow a lot of optimised movement. It may make the category longer but it also can make it fun for potential runners.


How would people feel about having an Any% All Missions Run. This can allow people to skip collectibles and do the side missions?


I honestly like the idea of a "No Fast Travel" category, it is a spider-man game after all, like Chris said, it will allow for more optimized movement, i don't see how it would make the run more boring and it would only add on a few minutes if even that. "Fast Travel" and "No Fast Travel" could be sub categories.

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Michigan, USA

Real Spidey%- Highest difficulty, no fast travels.

3Hairs%- 100% suit for NG+

NG+ Real Spidey%- Highest Difficulty, no fast travels. New Game Plus

I really like the idea of pigeon%, and other collection categories. I'm curious as to what true 100% will be marked as here, unlocking the platinum trophy I would assume?

Do you unlock the trophy without a level 3 ranking in every challenge mode, or simply by completion of all the challenges??

Victoria, Australia

why have no fast travels as a thing, its just obnoxious imo :/

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The point of a speedrun is to go as fast as possible, and not using fast travel kinda ruins it?? You won't be using fast travel much anyways in any% because you dont have time to unlock all the towers, just the first 2 i believe, so you'd have like 4 fast travel points in the end. For the love of god don't put % after words it sounds so stupid, It's All Pigeons, not Pigeon%

You all have cool ideas for categories, but first they'd have to be ran by people, then we can talk about adding them, We can also make a Category extensions page so all the stupid/crazy stuff goes there for example no fast travel if people actually run that. My category suggestions are: Any% (This is completed on the easiest difficulty) Any% Hard (This is completed on the hardest difficulty because i dont see a reason why someone would want to run on normal, it makes no sense) 100% 100% Hard All Backpacks (Or maybe all collectibles?) Challenge IL's to the IL board Maybe have the pre order bonuses as a sub category ofc you could always not use the bonuses, but that'd mean mods have to be extra strict when verifying a run using the bonuses.

Also NG+ and NG+ Hard when they release the update.


Someone asked if True 100% would equate to getting the Platinum Trophy I'd like to just throw this out there that you can get the Trophy for Tombstone without fighting him so Plat% and 100% should be separate categories. Not to mention you don't need to visit Ben's Grave or climb Avenger Tower to 100% the game.

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Florida, USA

i like the thought of no fast travel, but personally i'm also someone would like speedruns with "arbitrary" conditions as some like to put it (for Example something like any% No Fast Travel) and it wouldn't break the point of going fast as possible, sometimes going the fastest possible way is boring as hell. So adding something to restrict something that takes the fun out of something makes the run more interesting. Just as long as we're not adding a no puzzle skip because imo that one is pretty dumb. But if and when i look to start running this, it might be something i would run over just the any% mainly because the favorite part about running this game is the movement. So using fast travel just take the fun out of it for me. That's my two cents. I also agree, that 100% and plat% should not be the same thing

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