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2 months ago
Florida, USA

Okay so i was thinking for like a True 100% of SM1 which would include CTNS Call it like 400%? Or just True 100% and have that as its own category?


Calling it 400% would be a little strange, in my mind 200% would be NG and NG+ together, so 400% is somewhat ambiguous to me.

Anyway, for this sort of thing there's honestly not much point in adding it (or even talking about adding it) unless somebody actually runs it. 100% is already kinda dead so it's hard to imagine a significantly longer and probably worse category getting any traction.

Or we do one that includes every story from every game


I doubt anyone wants to get seriously invested in multi-game while the series is ongoing. Maybe after Spider-Man 3 comes out (although, just 1+DLC, 2, and Miles 100% would already be well over 20 hours, so probably not even then).

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CTNS has been added to the boards (DLCs back to back), and I'm currently looking for a good way to add in DLC 100%. The only way that's feasible is to add a subcategory on each DLC which is messy since it only allows me to put it on a single category or all of them.

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