100% in 7h 09m 40s by AvatarinatorAvatarinator - 2nd place

Sub 7:10 hundo! The run still has its fair share of slop, but all in all was really good. Also learned my lesson from last time and didnt overfarm like crazy, yet still managed to afford all gadget I would have wanted

Gadgets bought
Ep 1: Adrenaline Burst (Start of Tarball)
Ep 2: Paraglider, Push Attack Lv 1 (Start of The Claw) Note: i could have bought Hover Pack here, but forgot
Ep 3: Hover Pack, Grapple-Cam (Start of Beauty and the Beast)
Ep 5: Silent Obliteration (Start of Ep 5); Feral Pounce, Rocket Boots, Smoke Bomb, Knockout Dive, Jump Attack Lv 1 (start of Deep Sea Danger)

Hard Drive: SSD

Game language: Multi-language

Played on PlayStation 3 [EUR] on

Submitted by AvatarinatorAvatarinator on

Verified by RemoRemo on


Name Duration Finished at
Beginning of the End 5m 47s 000ms 5m 47s 403ms
Hazard Room 6m 42s 000ms 12m 30s 016ms
-Start Episode 1 2m 25s 000ms 14m 55s 247ms
-Police HQ 6m 40s 000ms 21m 35s 280ms
-Canal Chase 3m 45s 000ms 25m 20s 688ms
-Octavio Snap 7m 46s 000ms 33m 06s 820ms
-Into the Depths 6m 38s 000ms 39m 44s 900ms
-Tar Ball 3m 16s 000ms 43m 01s 558ms
-Turf War 3m 41s 000ms 46m 43s 224ms
-Guard Duty 8m 41s 000ms 55m 24s 380ms
-Run n' bomb 5m 46s 000ms 1h 01m 11s 201ms
{Episode 1}Operation: Tar be Gone 13m 24s 000ms 1h 14m 36s 115ms
-Start Episode 2 3m 33s 000ms 1h 18m 09s 628ms
-In Search for the Guru 3m 49s 000ms 1h 21m 58s 719ms
-Dark Caves 5m 34s 000ms 1h 27m 33s 199ms
-Spelunking 6m 53s 000ms 1h 34m 27s 152ms
-The Big Truck 7m 04s 000ms 1h 41m 31s 390ms
-Unleash the Guru 5m 24s 000ms 1h 46m 55s 917ms
-Hungry Croc 3m 45s 000ms 1h 50m 41s 627ms
-Guard Swappin' 0m 56s 000ms 1h 51m 38s 063ms
-Croc and Coins 2m 00s 000ms 1h 53m 38s 092ms
-The Claw 6m 58s 000ms 2h 00m 36s 653ms
-Lemon Rage 7m 38s 000ms 2h 08m 14s 718ms
{Episode 2}Operation: Moon Crash 7m 53s 000ms 2h 16m 08s 056ms
-Start Episode 3 4m 06s 000ms 2h 20m 14s 550ms
-Hidden Flight Roster 7m 44s 000ms 2h 27m 59s 295ms
-Frame Team Iceland 8m 32s 000ms 2h 36m 31s 428ms
-Cooper Hangar Device 10m 02s 000ms 2h 46m 34s 399ms
-Muggshot Goon Attack 1m 46s 000ms 2h 48m 20s 807ms
-Security Breach - -
-Defend the Hangar - -
-Frame Team Belgium 10m 36s 000ms 2h 58m 57s 149ms
-ACES Semi-Finals 2m 35s 000ms 3h 01m 33s 103ms
-Beauty and the Beast 6m 46s 000ms 3h 08m 19s 280ms
-Giant Wolf Massacre 4m 13s 000ms 3h 12m 32s 938ms
-Windmill Firewall 3m 46s 000ms 3h 16m 19s 332ms
{Episode 3}Op: Turbo Dominant Eagle 7m 43s 000ms 3h 24m 02s 872ms
Episode 4 Prelude 11m 43s 000ms 3h 35m 46s 153ms
-Start Episode 4 1m 08s 000ms 3h 36m 54s 615ms
-Tearful Reunion - -
-Get a Job 12m 50s 000ms 3h 49m 44s 802ms
-Grapple-Cam Break-In 6m 22s 000ms 3h 56m 07s 307ms
-Laptop Retrieval 8m 43s 000ms 4h 04m 50s 348ms
-A Battery of Peril 4m 10s 000ms 4h 09m 01s 004ms
-Vampiric Demise 10m 54s 000ms 4h 19m 55s 846ms
-Down the Line 3m 20s 000ms 4h 23m 16s 558ms
{Episode 4}Op: Wedding Crasher 15m 14s 000ms 4h 38m 30s 739ms
-Start Episode 5 2m 59s 000ms 4h 41m 29s 889ms
-The Talk of Pirates 8m 22s 000ms 4h 49m 52s 054ms
-Dynamic Duo 10m 08s 000ms 5h 00m 00s 933ms
-Jollyboat of Destruction 3m 59s 000ms 5h 03m 59s 952ms
-X Marks the Spot 7m 11s 000ms 5h 11m 11s 084ms
-Crusher from the Depths 8m 41s 000ms 5h 19m 52s 881ms
-Battle on the High Seas 5m 43s 000ms 5h 25m 36s 036ms
-Stealth Challenge 0m 26s 000ms 5h 26m 02s 548ms
-Boat Bash - -
-Last Ship Sailing 4m 20s 000ms 5h 30m 22s 947ms
-Deep Sea Danger 5m 45s 000ms 5h 36m 07s 952ms
{Episode 5}Op: Reverse Double-Cross 12m 05s 000ms 5h 48m 13s 630ms
-Start Episode 6 3m 59s 000ms 5h 52m 12s 830ms
-Carmelita to the Rescue 2m 53s 000ms 5h 55m 06s 093ms
-A Deadly Bite 4m 23s 000ms 5h 59m 29s 525ms
-The Dark Current 3m 14s 000ms 6h 02m 43s 725ms
-Bumb-Charge-Jump 4m 54s 000ms 6h 07m 38s 438ms
-Danger in the Skies 5m 58s 000ms 6h 13m 36s 821ms
-The Ancestors' Gauntlet 5m 00s 000ms 6h 18m 36s 856ms
-Stand Your Ground 5m 17s 000ms 6h 23m 54s 543ms
{Episode 6}Dr. M 3m 06s 000ms 6h 27m 01s 473ms
-Beauty versus the Beast 3m 11s 000ms 6h 30m 13s 207ms
-Road Rage 1m 42s 000ms 6h 31m 55s 228ms
-Dr M Dogfight 0m 44s 000ms 6h 32m 39s 300ms
-Ultimate Gauntlet 3m 17s 000ms 6h 35m 56s 490ms
-Battle Against Time - -
-Patch Grab 1m 53s 000ms 6h 37m 49s 936ms
-Pirate Treasure Hunt 0m 45s 000ms 6h 38m 35s 785ms
-Castle Quick Climb 0m 37s 000ms 6h 39m 12s 812ms
-Precision Air Duel 1m 22s 000ms 6h 40m 35s 538ms
-Wolf Rampage 1m 26s 000ms 6h 42m 01s 751ms
-One Woman Army 2m 16s 000ms 6h 44m 18s 555ms
-Going Out on a Wing 1m 20s 000ms 6h 45m 39s 524ms
-Holland Treasure Hunt 0m 53s 000ms 6h 46m 32s 934ms
-Rock Run 1m 09s 000ms 6h 47m 41s 960ms
-Cave Sprint 0m 56s 000ms 6h 48m 38s 777ms
-Cave Mayhem 0m 59s 000ms 6h 49m 38s 212ms
-Scaling the Drill 1m 03s 000ms 6h 50m 41s 875ms
-Quick Claw 1m 48s 000ms 6h 52m 30s 370ms
-Pressure Brawl 1m 47s 000ms 6h 54m 17s 781ms
-Carm Climb 0m 45s 000ms 6h 55m 03s 649ms
-Outback Treasure Hunt 1m 03s 000ms 6h 56m 07s 081ms
-Canal Chase - Expert Course 0m 57s 000ms 6h 57m 04s 081ms
-Air Time 1m 41s 000ms 6h 58m 45s 347ms
-Tower Scramble 0m 31s 000ms 6h 59m 16s 606ms
-Coin Chase 1m 10s 000ms 7h 00m 26s 609ms
-Speed Bombing 0m 26s 000ms 7h 00m 53s 309ms
-Octavio Canal Challenge 0m 39s 000ms 7h 01m 32s 410ms
-Octavio's Last Stand 1m 55s 000ms 7h 03m 28s 025ms
-Venice Treasure Hunt 1m 09s 000ms 7h 04m 37s 757ms
-Big Air in China 1m 10s 000ms 7h 05m 48s 460ms
-Sharpshooter 1m 42s 000ms 7h 07m 30s 825ms
-Tsao Knockdown 0m 23s 000ms 7h 07m 54s 620ms
-China Treasure Hunt 1m 02s 000ms 7h 08m 56s 654ms
{100%} Treetop Tangle 0m 43s 000ms 7h 09m 40s 635ms
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