Modded Console Rules
4 months ago

You may use a modified console for speedruns in general as long as it doesn't create any speed benefit over unmodified systems.

The only allowed modification that creates speed benefit is replacing the original HDD of a PS3 with an SSD.

List of some of the modifications that are NOT allowed:

  • using an overclocked system
  • using pad shortcuts/combos not possible on an unmodded system
  • altering games memory
  • running PS2 games from HDD/SSD

List of some of the modifications that are allowed:

  • replacing a broken/malfunctioning part in your console
  • installing custom/hybrid firmware
  • bypassing the region lock
  • controlling the fan speed

Keep in mind that the lists above only consists of a few examples. If you are unsure whether some modification is allowed or not, feel free to reach any of the moderators.

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