7 years ago
Victoria, Australia

Decided to delete the Raleigh thread to open a more general optimization thread. Will be posting all my old stuff back in here. Feel free to contribute any findings!

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Illinois, USA

Consistent View Map for Panda King Boss CS skip Saves about 5 seconds~

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Found a possible optimization in DSJ :P

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Victoria, Australia

Hate Chandelier Jump? Here's a way to steal some time away from that Gangster Dog. Key things to note when replicating this yourself:

  • Make sure your camera is faced straight ahead at the next spire
  • Space out your double jumps to get maximum height
  • Mash circle as soon as you can
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Västra Götaland, Sweden

Works on both PS2 and PSN :)

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Illinois, USA

As I say in the description the guard skip trick can be tricky to get down but, once you've gotten it down should be an easy 3-6 seconds depending on whether you used to get the god cycle or not.

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