New category idea: All Alarms

How is this for an idea? On all the levels you have to complete them by tripping all the alarms even the Paris tutorial level, you are not allowed to turn the alarms off. What do you guys say? This would fit as a category extension.

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If you are wanting to submit a new category you would have to do a run and submit it under the sly category extensions as a new category to be reviewed by the mod team.

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He/Him, She/Her
8 months ago

This idea has been joked around before back in 2020, the idea was to trigger (and specifically break) every alarm. The one issue we came across was finding a way to break the alarm which is out of bounds in the Clockwerk boss fight.

This category could actually be quite interesting if we found a viable way to break this alarm.

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Yea I remember being a signalhead for this too LUL I Agree with Sonic though