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1 year ago
United Kingdom

Just started running Any% on Xbox One. My current PB is 19:38 (awaiting verification)

Any advice for getting a more stable framerate and pulling off jump and boost Strats using a controller? Or any alternative Strats if there are any.

United States

Moomania has a little guide on here covering some useful info for console runners:

They're pretty much our resident console expert. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions you have specifically about running on console if you message them on here or on our Discord server

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Slime Rancher is making its GDQ debut!

On June 30th, MaddyInc (aka A Bum) will be running Slime Rancher Any% Glitchless at SGDQ 2022. Check out the schedule to see when the run will be in your timezone, and note that the exact time is subject to change:

1 year ago
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