Jump Mechanics

So I had sort of theorized about trying to restart runs until you could get one with a small hill right before the starting point to speed yourself up. But the new run uses the jump button to somehow get some serious speed starting. When verifying the run, I went into the game and try to do something similar. It does appear that sometimes when using the jump mechanic, you'll pick up a lot of speed, while others you won't. I'm not sure what causes this, so I was wondering if anyone might have an idea about how to control this speeding up happening with the jumping. It also appears that if you right before a rock, you also jump further and pick some up some speed. On Shalom, clearly this could only be done in the first and last segment of the race as their is no room to try to jump further when actually dodging flags.


When I jump by pressing left click I gain more speed.


Yea that's certainly it. Wonder why the mouse jump button is so much quicker than the keyboard. 🤷


As a side note, I think if you can get a rock in front of the start point in Tree Shalom. If you jump right before the rock, it does a pretty fast jump that is quicker than the normal strat, and it gives you just enough room to actually get all the flags. I usually try to go for it if it happens during my grind, but it's pretty rare the rock gets in the right position... easily 1/500 or so tries, and that's ignoring the fact you'd need perfect RNG for the rest of the god run, but it's worth keeping in mind if you come across it.

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