Skifree speedruns - last digit
6 years ago
Pohjois-Savo, Finland


I have been wondering, does game time have a last digit which is not completely shown in the corner of the screen.

For example, my entry for Slalom is 0m 30s 170ms but sometimes it looks like in the corner the time is 0m 30s 175ms.

For me it looks like the last digit is always 5 in the corner of the screen. I suggest we don't put that in for speedrun entries :) Just use the time which is shown in the pop-up window when the run ends.

See picture here:


Yes, I believe up to this point that's been the case, is using the little pop-up. No idea what's going on with that extra non-changing 5, but shouldn't ever come in the play if it's always a 5 anyways.

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