Runs without video
10 months ago

Hello everyone! 1 st place in nightmare category without video. Is it okay? I want see how speedrunner do this and do it too.

Stockholm, Sweden

Should not be okay , every run must have video in my opnion


Moderator ignore me in “messages”. I have a question. Maybe moderator must delete runs without video?


Hello??? Maybe we need new moderators?


All runs without video was rejected


I also had notifications that my runs were deleted. I don't care much these days. I deleted all my vods after I decided to never speedrun any game.

All good. No runs without video should be allowed. How others will see? Otaku could have downloaded the video and post it on youtube or twitch.

Awesome game but sadly I lost access to this since i dont have PC anymore and I played this on PC. Ps5 key is what I would need

It's more the fact that the mods told him they were gonna download them for him and never did and the current mod couldn't beat his time got mad and started this plain and simple.

Ontario, Canada

My laptop died so I wasn't able to talk to other mods about this before they got deleted. We should have at least added the non video runs into a Forum Post. But there should def be required videos for all runs. It is unfortunate that the original Mod for this game (who stopped modding here and wouldn't respond to us) didn't download the video and upload it for you.

Ontario, Canada

Also it seems the person deleted their account but if he has videos of the "NG+" runs that weren't ng+ i would be willing to look at it.