Gamecube Final Fight patterns
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There are at least two different Final Fight patterns in Gamecube Shrek 2. The difference is with the final part of Final Fight (After the 3 trolls). It is my theory that this is caused by there being two different versions of Shrek 2. The time between when the Fairy Godmother shoots her homing attack as well as how many she shoots is different between the supposed versions. The easiest way to tell the two fight patterns apart is the amount of shots fired in the first round. The fast version is around 20 seconds better than the slow version.

Fast version (3 shots in the first phase but short breaks between shots):

Slow (2 shots in first phase with long time between shots):

The fast version examples take 1:03 and 1:08 respectively. The slow versions are 1:36 and 1:35.

Obsolete runs by the same runner show the same patterns as their current PB, whether fast or slow, and this is the main reason I believe it is caused by different game versions. I have tried to replicate the fast version using my disc by getting hit by the homing attack vs. not getting hit, but have never got the fast version AFAIK. Strangely, runners who get the fast version in their Any% PBs have the slow version in their NewGame+ PBs, so it may not work on a completed game file. PS2 and Xbox both appear to have the fast version.

Edit: Also check the text above the model No. on the top side of the disc. Mine is DL-DOL-G3RE-USA. DL-DOL-G3RE-USA-02 has been found but not sure yet if it has the fast Final Fight. USA-01 also exists but seems to be much rarer than the other 2. Testing is still needed to confirm whether or not this is an indicator for version differences.

There are 3 different NTSC versions of Super Smash Bros. Melee in circulation. There is a number on the bottom side of the disc which indicates which version that disc is. Looking in the same place on my Shrek 2 disc I have DOL-G3RE-0-00. The last 0 is the thing to look for with SSBM. I am curious if anyone has a different number on their Shrek 2 disc than mine, especially if they get the fast version of Final Fight. Also if anyone knows a way to get the different patterns that does not involve there being two different Gamecube releases. Edit: So far the bottom of every disc to be checked has 0-00, so it appears likely that if there are different versions the top of the disc is where the version number is recorded.

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I figured out how to get fast times for the final part of Final Fight a while back and I realize I never explained it. I found a way of doing it that has worked well for me at not having the fairy godmother sit in her bubble doing nothing for long periods of time.

The main thing is that you should not get too close to her while she is in her bubble shooting things.

You can get sort of close but shouldn't be close enough to hit her until she starts coming down. Once she is ready to start shooting those heat-seeking balls, I start by standing on the left side of the arena about 3/4 of the way to the north boundary of the circle (position doesn't need to be very precise). When she shoots a projectile I run to the other side and stop. Rinse and repeat until her bubble disappears.

Getting hit can sometimes make you lose the fast pattern.

The fastest fight here is about 35 seconds better than the slowest.

I've used this in every run I've done since the 3:42 Final Fight IL run and it works very consistently.

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