[Test/Theory] 100 Shooting Kills if No Shots are Fired
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[Test/Theory] 100 Shooting Kills if No Shots are Fired

I tested this a few months ago and forgot to post it, but I made a highlight of it on YouTube. So I read on Quidrex's guide titled "Star Ranking and Unlockables Guide", and found this part very interesting and don't recall it being mentioned anywhere else:

"If no shot was fired during the whole game a bonus of 100 enemies defeated by shooting is granted; because the last boss of the regular endings require you to either shoot them or get rid of all your ammunition by shooting this bonus is only possible with the UFO ending"


So before we go any further, 10 Star is impossible to achieve already because we can only go for the UFO ending, so ultimately useless, however I was still curious, and with our knife strats on the first Airscreamer, this is easily achievable. Here it is from start to finish:

Results Screen: https://i.imgur.com/KD0LGR7.png (I was surprised that it actually just removes the Shooting Style stats entirely, considering it doesn't do that if you don't save, continue, kill by fighting etc.)

I had to switch to Katana for Split Head because there is no way to do the "stab in the mouth strat" and get out in time, its impossible, and using a NG+ weapon may have messed up the test. You would have to stab him in the body with the knife and using Unlimited Health cheat enabled. As of now though it seems you don't get 100 Shooting Kills by not firing at all.

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Very strange to see no Shooting stats on the Result Screen, like someone photoshopped it out.


Yeah I was surprised too lol

Looks odd since you never ever see it like that.


Update on this, well thanks to Radge actually, you DO get the requirement despite it saying zero kills. Upon further inspection, yes, it did infact give me the star for it, in fact it might've given me shooting style star also, comparing the stars vs my UFO run which is the closest results screen I have for comparison:


Still we'd need a way to do this legit which of course is probably some odd way to get the UFO ending for 10 star.

EDIT: Actually maybe it didn't give me the shooting style, 2 more items (to make it 36(+2) like in the OP) in this run and it probably would've been 3 big stars. 4th star is the shooting kills. UNLESS, it gives you 10 stars and overlooks it. It's weird to me that shooting style is simply omitted, like it doesn't even rank you for it.

Perhaps I'll test this again and get all requirements (and force Good+ ending using gameshark because again, no way to get that without a gun).

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