Does "unofficial emulation" refer to homebrew loaders on the wii?
6 years ago

Title. I'd also like to mention that my only run that I have submitted here on the Level Leaderboard for Mission 3 hard mode was done on the homebrew loader dios mios. I have a couple of things to mention with this post. I didn't do my run on Dios Mios out of any attempt to make my time better or anything, I just wanted to play the game and go fast. I'd also like to ask, if homebrew loaders aren't allowed, I'd like to know if it's really that big of an issue on individual level runs, as at least in the case of this game, there are no load times during the level that would be sped up via homebrew loading or emulation.

However, with that said, I fully understand that if homebrew loading isn't allowed that my run would be taken down. If I were to attempt getting that run back in the future, I'd buy a copy of Star Fox: Assault again and probably set up a camera looking at my screen while I put in the disc and load it via the disc channel as a way to sort of prove that I'm playing it off the original disc.

And for anyone wondering, I did actually own Star Fox: Assault, it just got lost to the abyss while I was living out of the U.S. and my family and I both didn't want to worry about discs potentially getting scratched or lost and being unable to play the games again(Yemen doesn't exactly have gamecube games there :P)

Again, to reiterate, if there indeed is an issue with homebrew loading the game even for an IL run, I completely understand removing the run, I should have been more up front with that information from the start.

Pennsylvania, USA

I wouldn't worry too much about it, all IL's are timed by the in game timer, we pretty much know how it works for the most part. Mission 1 is the only level that could cause an issue, and I have no clue if dios mios loads into the "fortuna entry cutscene" faster or not. For now though, just assume it is acceptable for Individual Level runs since it makes everyone on equal grounds.

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@zewing, sorry for the late response

Thanks and I'm glad it isn't an issue, I didn't realize to check this until after :P I'll refrain from doing any runs that this could potentially mess with. I'll just look into getting a new copy of the game to run on the disc channel.