Mission 3 Bronze 57 seconds LOTAD (Flying the Arwing Inside of the Base)
5 months ago
United States

The Japanese runners for the game found an exploit to enter the base in Mission 3 while flying the Arwing. The oldest dating I can find of it is an 8 month old comment on a YouTube video with this ID: plVtVPWBwGo. The ChatGPT translator mentioned a WhatsApp chat where the exploit was announced so the original discoverer and date of this exploit being discovered is unknown.

Edit: "Whatsapp" was a mistranslation. Thanks to @maruga_game on YouTube for telling where he found who discovered the exploit originally. It was documented on a Japanese gaming forum called "wazap" on March 17th 2005 by someone whos name translates to "techno" by Google. (The website detected me as a bot when I put the link so unfortunately I won't put the link here).

This works because the gate "trigger" isn't a trigger. It's instead a position and angle check if after the game checks if you are in singleplayer and on a specific map. The game DOESN'T check to see if the Arwing meets the requirements when it's doing a barrel roll or either of the loops. This allows us to completely bypass the "trigger".

I found this exploit on my own recently when I was making a Youtube Video and made a LOTAD to showcase it being used practically in a speedrun. This is meant to go public around the time my video releases (6 months maybe). This saves time over walking through the whole base and with better movement and routing a sub 52 second time could be possible. With an insane amount of practice I could maybe see this in full game runs instead of just ILs. Here is my LOTAD (exploit at 0:47):

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