(!) Discord Server

Feel free to join out community's Discord Server to discuss the different games with other runners from around the globe! (external link)

By The Star Fox Squad

(!) Score Attack Leaderboard

Find the best scores for all levels on Cyberscore! (external link)

By Cyberscore

100% Tutorial

High level tutorial on 100%. Doesn't give point routes but general strats and routings for the category. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Any% Tutorial

A kinda mock tutorial I did of Any%. Not really anything special, just basically doing a run and talking about what I'm doing. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Blue Line Tutorial

Video tutorial on Star Fox 64 Blue Line. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Level Select Gameshark Codes

For use with 1.0 US version of the game, unconfirmed if they work with other versions. Can be used to easily practice stages. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Mothership sketch in Katina

The intention behind this drawing is to show you where to throw your first 2 bombs, show you where the hatches are relative to the rest of the ship, and the relative geometry. This is NOT a tutorial, we currently don't have one, but this might be helpful so I'm dumping it here. The music is there to trigger you, too. (direct download)

By LylatRLylatR

Red Line All Medals Tutorial

Speedrun tutorial for Red Line All Medals. Can be used as like a half a 100% tutorial. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Red Line Tutorial

Bad tutorial, but the account hosting the old tutorial was banned on Youtube. Mentions most of the key things, just follow the movement and you'll be fine. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR

Side Categories

All random misc, meme and joke categories that in some way deserves some kind of leader board. (external link)

By LylatRLylatR